Mens bulges Bliss cock suit from Koala. Awesome beyond belief!

Bliss Cock Show

Nothing is hotter than having a full bikini with a special
display for your cock, and that is exactly what you are going to get with the
Bliss Cock Show Bikini. Customers demanded something a bit different from the
regular bikini line. We heard and this is the result; a sensual and seductive
full back bikini with the cock showing sling that lets everyone know that you
mean business when you want to have fun. This is the perfect bikini for showing
your partner exactly what you think about them in the bedroom or on the beach. wants you to have the bikini that you have
always dreamt about. We also want you to enjoy the simplicity of the cock
display that separates your balls with just enough pressure that you won’t want
to take it off. This is the perfect bikini for those surprise romantic
interludes that you and your partner love to have. They are also extremely
comfortable for lying around the pool getting a tan. Granted, you might want
some extra lotion on that cock of yours if you are lying out for too long, but
you can count on your partner to help you out with that!

Get yourself the bikini that shows everyone just how much of
a man you really are; the Bliss Cock Show Bikini. You know how to have fun in
your life, but you haven’t had as much fun as you will by wearing this type of
full back bikini. Order one and give it a try. You are sure to be pleased with
your decision, and you might not want to go back to your other bikinis, unless
you happen to have more of the Bliss Cock Show Bikinis stashed in a drawer


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