Mens bulges and the real pouch shape

When it comes to mens bulges my favorite shape pouch is the cock shaped design. mens swimwear has been creating super sexy extreme and erotic mens bulges for years. I have over 100 suits in my collection alone. My opinion is there are no underwear or swimwear companies that come close to the arousing designs they put out. Their mens bulges make my bulge larger.

PSĀ  their suits are all made in the USA not China


Mens bulges


Mens bulges and extreme swimwear

My guess is that most men that like looking at mens bulges like showing their own bulges off too. My girlfriend enjoys looking for and pointing out mens bulges on the beach. Her and her girlfriends make it a game. They try to guess what size the wearers cock is. They might see a guy wearing a tiny g-string with a little mens bulge and say he must have a 2″ cock. The funny thing is they are just as excited seeing the tiny mens bulges as the ones they think might just have an 8″ penis packed in there. The truth is there are many more mens bulges that are small. My bulge is tiny and yet all her friends grab at it when we are in the water. It is like my penis is theres to play with. The one that is worst is a gay friend who loves rubbing it then pulling it out of the suit when we are in the water. He says I won’t tell any one and dives under and sucks my cock. He says that mens bulges drive him crazy. He is a good looking guy and it feels great so I let him.

Her is a picture my girl to of my ass in a tiny g-string. This one is from mens swimwear. Hope you like it!