Achieving the Look You Want with Mens Bulges

Achieving the Look You Want with Mens Bulges

Showing off
mens bulges is as easy as picking out the right swimwear to wear on the beach.
But what about all those poor guys that want to show off their bulges and they
live nowhere close to a beach? Those guys are going to need something extra
special to wear under their pants in a way that will show people they have a
nice bulge, but it won’t look fake in the process. Now that may be a bit harder
to accomplish for some guys, but there are a couple of things you need to keep
in mind to make it easier.

The first
aspect of showing mens bulges while wearing pants is to find swimwear that is
tight enough to look sexy but has a cock ring built into it that will pump up
that bulge for everyone to see. The next thing you should consider is what type
of pants you are going to be wearing while showing off that bulge. Sweat pants
and slacks have natural sag to them that will allow you to show that bulge off
fairly well while tight jeans have a tendency to smash your bulge in and make
it look a bit smaller than what it actually is in real life. So decide what
sort of look you want to achieve.


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