Fascinating Mens Bulges


Something that I’ve discovered about myself recently is that I am completely fascinated by mens bulges. I really don’t think that it is about being gay, straight or indifferent because I do love being with women. On the other hand, to me, there’s something so inherently beautiful about the way a man’s bulge looks when it is outlined in tight jeans or in a bikini swimsuit. Just put a guy in anything tight that shows off his package and I’m a very happy man to be getting to see it. I do know how weird all of that sounds, but it is truly something that gives me a great deal of pleasure.


Lately, I’ve taken to spending a lot of time on the beach that’s close to my home. There’s a certain portion of the beach that allows more risqué swimsuits and, if I get there early enough, I can get a ringside seat to view all of the mens bulges in those tiny swimsuits. Some of the men in better shape are confident enough to wear a cock pouch. Now, those men are the ones I adore watching! I’ve seen pouches in all sizes and I still don’t ever get bored. I like the challenge of trying to figure out just what size package those pouches are concealing.


Another thing that I’ve figured out how to do is discreetly take photos of the men that I find most enticing. I hope that I don’t get caught, though, because I would find it difficult to explain why I had my camera phone aimed at some mens bulges. Not everyone would understand something like that. I might even be labeled a pervert or worse. So I have it down to a fine art and have managed to avoid anyone noticing what I am doing. Then, when I get home, I can put the photos on my computer where I can see them up close and personal in full size. At that point in time, the risk was all worth it.

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