Caught Staring at Mens Bulges


Whenever I notice mens bulges I find it difficult to not stare at them. I don’t know exactly why I have to stare, but it has caused some issues at times. Most of the time guys don’t pay much attention to me staring at them, or they simply don’t notice it. On the other hand, there are moments when a guy will glance in my direction and see me staring right at his crotch. I know it is something that I should refrain from doing out in public, but I just can’t help myself. Naturally, they get the wrong impression and jump to conclusions about why I am looking at them.

I have tried my hardest to keep from looking at many mens bulges and, for the most part, I have been successful. It is just that there are some bulges out there that I can’t keep from looking at. These bugles are so big to me that I can’t imagine what could actually be creating them under the pants. It baffles my mind because I don’t have the biggest cock in the world and there are times when I wish I could have a bulge like those guys. But all I can do is look in awe at them.

When I don’t get caught staring at mens bulges, I get a few minutes or pure enjoyment. Things like that don’t happen very often in my life but I don’t see any reason to throw that enjoyment out the door just because it might cause someone a bit of lost comfort. Although I do have to be careful about the person I am looking at when it happens so that I don’t end up getting myself into more trouble than I can handle. Some guys are really big compared to me and getting into a fist fight because I’m staring at their crotch isn’t something I want to try.



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Looking at Mens Bulges

I spend a lot of time peeking at mens bulges every chance I get. There is something about trying to figure out just how big of a cock a guy has that is fascinating to me. Of course I don’t know how I would react if any of these guys caught me looking at them and insisted on showing me what they had under their pants. I might just freak out and run away if something like that ever happened to me. But it’s still fun to think about what they might have hiding under their pants.

I have seen a lot of photos online of mens bulges that I would love to be able to see in real life. I save all those pictures and try to match them up to the guys that I see around town in the hope that I might actually find one someday. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the guys that live in this town have a bulge that would match up to the ones I have seen online. Maybe if I lived somewhere close to a beach I could find some, but they just aren’t around here.

If you are into looking at mens bulges, then there are some great sites online that will give you a chance to see what is out there in the world. But none of those sites beat seeing these bulges in real life. Even if they aren’t as impressive as the ones online, seeing a guy walking down the street with a large bulge will make your heart skip a beat sometimes. At least, it does with me whenever I see one that I really like. Now if I could just get some of these guys to wear some really skimpy swimwear or something, I would be all set.



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The Best Way to Show Off Mens Bulges

The Best Way to Show Off Mens Bulges

Showing off
mens bulges requires a couple of different aspects. The first thing that you
are going to need to do is pick out something that will display your bulge in a
manner that will make you proud and happy. Now, there are a lot of things on
the market that you can try on that will show off your bulge, but you have to figure
out which designs are going to fit you and your cock the best. This can be hard
for some guys to figure out, but taking a look around the Internet should help
you out a bit.

The second
thing about showing mens bulges in all their glory is the ability to actually
go out in public and join them in showing off yours. If you don’t allow
yourself the chance to go out and display your bulge, then it isn’t going to
matter what type of items you are buying and wearing. No one is going to see it
and you are going to be sitting around your own home staring at your bulge and
wondering why you aren’t going out into the world. This actually happens more
than you might think.


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When you
take these two things into consideration, then showing off mens bulges becomes
a fairly easy thing for you to do. I have used these two little tricks myself
over the years and found it very easy to get people’s attention focused on the
one part of my body that I really want them to pay attention to the most. The
best part is that I have gotten the chance to collect quite a few great looking
swimwear items specifically for showing off my bulge. Some guys collect stamps.
Other guys have coin collections.  As for
me, I spend all of my time looking around online for swimwear that will give me
the chance to get all the attention I can handle.


Staring at Mens Bulges for Entertainment

Staring at Mens Bulges for Entertainment

Have you
ever caught yourself looking at mens bulges in the hopes of trying to determine
just how big their cocks might be? I find myself looking at just about every
guy that happens to walk past me when I am out in public. I usually don’t have
the courage to go up and ask them how big their cock is, but playing this
little game of looking at their bulge and trying to guess is something that I
am usually pretty good at. I also enjoy bringing my friends into it whenever I
can just to see the look on their faces.

You should
see my friends when I suddenly ask them what they think the size of a guy’s
cock might be simply by looking at his mens bulges when he walks by. The first
reaction is one of shock since I am actually asking them to look at the crotch
of another man willingly, like they wouldn’t be looking at one simply out of
curiosity without telling anyone. The next reaction I usually end up with is
one of puzzled amazement as they actually do look at the guys bulge to
determine if they can guess the size of it. It seems that curiosity gets the
best of them, or maybe it’s that competitive urge to see if they can really
guess correctly.

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I know that
looking at mens bulges is something that I do frequently, and I am pretty sure
that a lot of other guys out there are doing the exact same thing. I just think
that we as men should accept our curiosity and make a game out of it. You
aren’t really hurting anyone by trying to guess the size of someone’s cock,
especially if they are walking past you and they don’t know you are looking at
them. Maybe someday men will stop trying to outshine everyone else with their
manhood and simply enjoy life a little bit more when they are out and about.
Besides, it’s certainly no different than staring at a woman’s chest and trying
to guess her bra size.

Appreciating mens Bulges

Appreciating mens Bulges

Now, the first thing I need to say here is that
you’re probably going to think I’m some sort of weirdo, but I’m going to say
this anyway: I love looking at mens bulges! There; I said it! And I’m not even
the slightest bit embarrassed about it. I don’t care if the entire world knows
my little secret. In fact, this is one of those secrets that I want everyone to

If you’ve never spent any time staring at these sexy
bulges, then you certainly don’t know what you’re missing. In all honesty, I
used to be just like you. I would studiously avoid looking at the crotch of
mens’ pants because I didn’t want anyone to think I was gay or something. But
one day, I happened to be in a mens shop looking for a swimsuit when I saw this
totally hot man emerge from the dressing rooms wearing a thong swimsuit. Just
one accidental glance and I was hooked on staring at mens bulges from that
point on. After that, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from looking at the crotch
area first on most men that I saw.

You may be thinking right now that I was viewed as
the pervert that I had been trying to avoid being when I began crotch staring.
And you would be right up to a point. However, believe it or not, there are a
lot of men in the world that love it when I stare at their bulges. Many of them
smile and wink at me because they know exactly what I’m doing and they love the
attention. I mean, seriously; what normal man doesn’t enjoy having their mens
bulges appreciated so openly?

Well, ok, maybe not all of them want it to be
noticed, but there are enough of them that do, and they’re going to want you to
stare at them in a very open and honest manner. Just give it a try and you’ll


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The Expert on Mens Bulges

The Expert on Mens Bulges

When it comes to mens bulges and all the fun you can
have with them, my friends all call me the expert. They understand that I can
spot these bulges before any of them can and will often watch my eyes to see
where I might be looking next. The funny thing is that I can usually tell what
kind of underwear they have on under their clothes simply by the way their
bulge is moving while they walk. It’s a rather interesting game that we all
like to play, especially when we go out to the park on a hot summer’s day.

One of the things that I notice when looking at mens
bulges is the fact that guys often try to make their cocks look a lot bigger
than they actually are. I can always tell when a guy has something stuffed into
his pants and usually how much of that oversized bugle is actually their cock.
My friends all think I have some kind of x-ray vision or something because I am
usually never wrong on my assessments of these guys. I have even gone up and
asked them if I was right and they almost always look at me like I have cracked
the greatest secret ever known to mankind.

I simply enjoy looking at mens bulges and don’t
particularly care about all the details that I have figured out about them.
Some guys go out and take photos of birds or collect stamps, but I have a hobby
of looking at mens crotches. Of course, I have to be a bit careful about staring
too long as some guys don’t really appreciate things like that. But if they
don’t know that I am staring at them; then I don’t feel there is any harm being

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Mens Bulges and Pouch Swimwear

Mens Bulges and Pouch Swimwear

Looking at
mens bulges is something that everyone tends to do even if they aren’t thinking
about it. You would be amazed at how many times I catch both men and women
looking at my bugle while I am walking around in public and just smile at them
because I know that I do the exact same thing. The good news is that since
everyone else out there is looking at my bulge, then it gives me the
opportunity to look at others as well. Now that is what I call a good day out
on the beach.

Pussy look mens bulges and other extreme creations by

Vagina look mens bulges and other extreme creations by

Of course,
it’s much better to look at mens bulges when they are wearing something that
shows them off. That is why I love going to the beach and seeing men wearing
pouch based swimwear. When you see a sexy man walking down the beach showing
off his bulge in pouch swimwear, then you know you have something worth looking
at. I find that is the only reason I have for going out to the beach anymore,
and I am very happy that I do. More men are starting to wear this pouch
swimwear and that means more bulges are being seen all over the world.



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Mens Bulges of the Present

Mens Bulges of the Present

One thing
that I tend to notice when I am out on the beach are all the mens bulges that
are being shown off these days. I remember back when showing things like that
off in public was actually frowned upon by the modest population. But these
days, you can’t turn your head without staring at another bulge in tight
swimwear. I kind of wish that it wasn’t frowned upon back in the day because
it’s actually nice to see young men walking around like that. It makes you
wonder why the male body hasn’t gotten more attention in the past really.

I love mens
bulges to the point that I actually went out and bought some of those pouch
swimsuits to show mine off with. Granted, I am an older man and most of the
people probably don’t want to see my wrinkly balls flapping around in a pouch
this sexy, but no one told me that I couldn’t wear it. I love seeing people
notice me wearing my new swimwear and smile with a gentle nod in my direction
telling me they like what they see. I just wish they would have had things like
this when I was younger so that I could have shown off my body when it was in
its prime.


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The Advantages of Mens Bulges

The Advantages of Mens Bulges

When it
comes to mens bulges, the more they stick out there for the world to see the more
fun they are to look at. Let’s face it; no one wants to see the proverbial
smooth spot on a man walking down the beach. That look is reserved for things
like Ken dolls and such. Of course, there are
those guys out there that want that smooth look so that it seems they have a
pussy rather than a cock shoved into that swimsuit, but that isn’t what bulges
are about. You want people to notice that bulge and gasp in amazement.

The best way
to show off mens bulges is with pouch swimwear. Sure, they may be a bit
uncomfortable for you to wear at first, but the bulge that they will give you
is unbeatable by any other swimwear design. I have been wearing pouch swimwear
for a year now and I am constantly remarked on about my bulge and how big it
looks. The funny thing is that my cock is actually rather small compared to
what it looks like while I am wearing my swimwear. That is just one more bonus
for wearing swimwear that puts your cock out in front of you in this manner.


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Mens bulges get big using a combo ass plug/cock ring swimsuit

Mens bulges get big using a combo anal plug/cock ring swimsuit

Achieving the Look You Want with Mens Bulges

Achieving the Look You Want with Mens Bulges

Showing off
mens bulges is as easy as picking out the right swimwear to wear on the beach.
But what about all those poor guys that want to show off their bulges and they
live nowhere close to a beach? Those guys are going to need something extra
special to wear under their pants in a way that will show people they have a
nice bulge, but it won’t look fake in the process. Now that may be a bit harder
to accomplish for some guys, but there are a couple of things you need to keep
in mind to make it easier.

The first
aspect of showing mens bulges while wearing pants is to find swimwear that is
tight enough to look sexy but has a cock ring built into it that will pump up
that bulge for everyone to see. The next thing you should consider is what type
of pants you are going to be wearing while showing off that bulge. Sweat pants
and slacks have natural sag to them that will allow you to show that bulge off
fairly well while tight jeans have a tendency to smash your bulge in and make
it look a bit smaller than what it actually is in real life. So decide what
sort of look you want to achieve.


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