Loving to Watch Mens Bulges


This will most likely make me sound like a freak of some sort, but I love to watch mens bulges. It is not that I’m gay or anything like that but I just have a thing for looking at this part of a man’s body. You see, it can happen on a beach where men are wearing those little micro suits or it can just as easily happen in the mall where I’m sitting at the food court and enjoying breakfast or lunch. I’m telling you, some of those men at the mall wear the tightest jeans! Sometimes I have to wonder if their bulges are legitimate or not. Do guys still shove socks in their underwear these days?


At any rate, since I love to watch mens bulges so much, I’ve even considered taking on a little hobby of photographing some of the more memorable and impressive ones that I see. Granted, I would need to be very discreet or I might find myself arrested or defending myself in a court of law over being sued. In the end, though, I do feel that I might enjoy that little bit of espionage. I imagine setting up a little place on the beach or in the mall so that I could surreptitiously take these photos. Most likely, I would need to use my cell phone or one of those very tiny spy cameras in order to do this.

On the other hand, I might take photographs of mens bulges in a more legal manner. It may be possible for me to simply open a little photography shop and take pictures only of men that come in of their own free will. Obviously, I would have to take some more mainstream photographs as well if I’m planning to get the business that I ultimately would prefer and that might be an issue. I’m not a professional photographer and that would probably be evident pretty quickly. The solution to this might be to just advertise, discreetly of course, in a publication that attracts men that enjoy being photographed. That might be the answer to my dilemma.

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Mens Bulges Sightings

Mens Bulges

Mens Bulges Sightings

Most of the
mens bulges that I see around my area are of the small variety it seems.
Occasionally, I get to feast my eyes on something a bit bigger but those are
few and far between. I guess that isn’t such a bad thing, though, as I view it
almost like a special treat for me when I do come across one that is larger. Of
course, I can always look down at my own bulge if I really want to look at a
bigger one, but I can only get one view point of it that way.

I went out
the other day and came across a whole group of mens bulges that were above
average size and thought I had lost my mind. There must have been around six
guys in that group that had cocks bigger than me and their bulges definitely
showed that fact. I was amazed that they were able to find pouch swimwear that
actually fit their bulges, and even more amazed that they were freely walking
around on the beach by my house. I am sure they were here on vacation and
weren’t actually living in the area, though, as those kinds of bulges are hard
to come by around here.


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