Mens Bulges

Most of the mens bulges that I see in public aren’t quite as impressive as the guys might think they are. I have seen a lot of guys trying to show off their bulges to anyone that will notice and I always wonder about them. Why would they go through the hassles of trying to show something off that doesn’t really exist? I have seen women with bigger packages than some of these guys and yet there they are walking around trying to force everyone to look at their crotches. I find it a bit unsettling to tell the truth.

I have seen a couple of guys with mens bulges that were worth showing off, but I question whether or not they were actually real and not just something stuffed down into their pants. Of course, when it comes to the beach, those guys aren’t usually stuffing anything in their swimwear except for their bulge. That is the place to go if you want to check out some real bulges and not have to wonder if there is a sock down their pants. Although they might have a cock ring built into their swimwear, which is perfectly okay to me.

I am like the other male bulges out there that doesn’t have anything impressive to display. But I don’t pretend to have more than what I have, either. When I am wearing my swimwear, it does appear to be a bit bigger, but not by much. I have always wanted a bigger bulge in my pants. What man doesn’t? But I am happy with what I have to offer. Besides, it gets a lot bigger when it is hard and that is all that really matters to me. Too bad I can’t find more people that think like I do when I go out in public, though.


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Loving to Watch Mens Bulges


This will most likely make me sound like a freak of some sort, but I love to watch mens bulges. It is not that I’m gay or anything like that but I just have a thing for looking at this part of a man’s body. You see, it can happen on a beach where men are wearing those little micro suits or it can just as easily happen in the mall where I’m sitting at the food court and enjoying breakfast or lunch. I’m telling you, some of those men at the mall wear the tightest jeans! Sometimes I have to wonder if their bulges are legitimate or not. Do guys still shove socks in their underwear these days?


At any rate, since I love to watch mens bulges so much, I’ve even considered taking on a little hobby of photographing some of the more memorable and impressive ones that I see. Granted, I would need to be very discreet or I might find myself arrested or defending myself in a court of law over being sued. In the end, though, I do feel that I might enjoy that little bit of espionage. I imagine setting up a little place on the beach or in the mall so that I could surreptitiously take these photos. Most likely, I would need to use my cell phone or one of those very tiny spy cameras in order to do this.

On the other hand, I might take photographs of mens bulges in a more legal manner. It may be possible for me to simply open a little photography shop and take pictures only of men that come in of their own free will. Obviously, I would have to take some more mainstream photographs as well if I’m planning to get the business that I ultimately would prefer and that might be an issue. I’m not a professional photographer and that would probably be evident pretty quickly. The solution to this might be to just advertise, discreetly of course, in a publication that attracts men that enjoy being photographed. That might be the answer to my dilemma.

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Staring at Mens Bulges

Staring at Mens Bulges

I love
looking at mens bulges whenever I go out in public. Granted, most of the men
that I am looking at would prefer that I didn’t, but I just can’t seem to stop
myself. I find that I am constantly trying to guess the size of a guy’s cock no
matter what they are wearing, and being able to get a good look at someone’s
bulge usually helps make my prediction right. Obviously, I don’t usually get
the chance to find out if I’m right or not, but there have been times when the
guy actually showed me I was right.




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Going out on
the beach and seeing mens bulges is a lot easier since they are wearing
swimwear. I find that their bulges tend to stick out a lot more than a guy
wearing khakis at work does. Although there are a few pairs of pants that will
show off a bulge fairly well and to the point that I can pretty much guess the
size of his cock. If I could only convince the guys in my office to show me if
I am right about the size of their cocks, I would probably stop staring at them
as much as I do.

I don’t
recommend going around and staring at mens bulges unless those men are wearing
something specifically designed to show off their cocks. Most guys will feel
offended by having someone staring at their crotch and I have been attacked on
more than one occasion by simply looking at them. There are times when you can
get away with it, though, and wearing sunglasses always helps in hiding what
you are looking at. Of course when it comes to wearing sunglasses, you aren’t
going to be getting the best possible visual of what you want to, so keep that
in mind.


Watching Mens Bulges

Watching Mens Bulges

Watching mens bulges happens to be a favorite hobby
of mine. I’m not ashamed of it or embarrassed by it. In fact, I will be rather
open about the bulges I stare out, especially out on the beach. Pouch swimsuits
are some of my favorites because there’s no hiding the bulges that those little
garments are meant to conceal. As far as I’m concerned, pouches call attention
to the bulges of the men wearing them rather than actually concealing them. At
any rate, I can legitimately stare at those bulges because most of the men
wearing pouches are just trying to show off anyway. It’s highly unlikely that
they’re going to be angry or offended when they see me staring. If anything,
they’ll simply smile at me in acknowledgement.

There are other areas where I watch mens bulges,
too. Shopping malls are perfect for this even though it may not seem that way.
You know all of those little benches that are placed around inside the malls?
Those are great places to sit while eating an ice cream cone or drinking a
smoothie and watch men in tight jeans stroll by you. Sometimes bulge watching
in malls can get a bit tricky because not all of those men are trying to gain
the kind of attention that I give them. It may take some fast talking to get
yourself out of getting your ass beaten if you offend the wrong guy. I’ve had
to run a couple of times to save myself.


On the other hand, if you do it just right, you can
get a good look at those mens bulges no matter where you might be. Anyplace
that has men in snug fitting pants of some kind will be perfect hunting grounds
for the best bulge sightings anywhere. All you have to do is pay attention and
you’ll find them wherever you go.


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Incorporating Mens Bulges into Your Job

Incorporating Mens Bulges into Your Job

If you truly
think that mens bulges are something to be impressed by, then you are the type
of guy that I want to hang out with on a regular basis. I love looking at
bulges, especially on men that have nice thick cocks. There is something so
sexy about seeing a man with a thick cock walking down the beach in some skimpy
swimwear showing off his bulge in all its glory. I only wish that every guy out
there would be willing to wear something like that so that I could spend all
day watching them walk by.

I have been given the opportunity to start up a business that incorporates my
love of mens bulges with the ability to make a lot of money. There is
absolutely nothing better than being able to enjoy everything about your life
and publicly enjoy your own sex fetish at the same time; I can tell you that.
It might sound like I am bragging about it, which I actually kind of am, but I
can’t think of any better way of living my life than to have the ability to
focus on the bulges of sexy men day in and day out.

If you enjoy
watching mens bulges on a regular basis, then you are probably going to want to
find some sexy swimwear in order to show yours off as well. You might as well
go out to the beach and show these men what kind of bulge you are packing. The
only way to do that is by picking out something that will accentuate your own
bulge and putting out there for the world to see. If you can do that, then
there is a good chance that those guys will all be staring at you and wondering
what it would take for them to have a bulge like yours. I promise that you will
love the feeling.


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