The Advantages of Mens Bulges

The Advantages of Mens Bulges

When it
comes to mens bulges, the more they stick out there for the world to see the more
fun they are to look at. Let’s face it; no one wants to see the proverbial
smooth spot on a man walking down the beach. That look is reserved for things
like Ken dolls and such. Of course, there are
those guys out there that want that smooth look so that it seems they have a
pussy rather than a cock shoved into that swimsuit, but that isn’t what bulges
are about. You want people to notice that bulge and gasp in amazement.

The best way
to show off mens bulges is with pouch swimwear. Sure, they may be a bit
uncomfortable for you to wear at first, but the bulge that they will give you
is unbeatable by any other swimwear design. I have been wearing pouch swimwear
for a year now and I am constantly remarked on about my bulge and how big it
looks. The funny thing is that my cock is actually rather small compared to
what it looks like while I am wearing my swimwear. That is just one more bonus
for wearing swimwear that puts your cock out in front of you in this manner.


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Mens bulges get big using a combo ass plug/cock ring swimsuit

Mens bulges get big using a combo anal plug/cock ring swimsuit