Caught Staring at Mens Bulges


Whenever I notice mens bulges I find it difficult to not stare at them. I don’t know exactly why I have to stare, but it has caused some issues at times. Most of the time guys don’t pay much attention to me staring at them, or they simply don’t notice it. On the other hand, there are moments when a guy will glance in my direction and see me staring right at his crotch. I know it is something that I should refrain from doing out in public, but I just can’t help myself. Naturally, they get the wrong impression and jump to conclusions about why I am looking at them.

I have tried my hardest to keep from looking at many mens bulges and, for the most part, I have been successful. It is just that there are some bulges out there that I can’t keep from looking at. These bugles are so big to me that I can’t imagine what could actually be creating them under the pants. It baffles my mind because I don’t have the biggest cock in the world and there are times when I wish I could have a bulge like those guys. But all I can do is look in awe at them.

When I don’t get caught staring at mens bulges, I get a few minutes or pure enjoyment. Things like that don’t happen very often in my life but I don’t see any reason to throw that enjoyment out the door just because it might cause someone a bit of lost comfort. Although I do have to be careful about the person I am looking at when it happens so that I don’t end up getting myself into more trouble than I can handle. Some guys are really big compared to me and getting into a fist fight because I’m staring at their crotch isn’t something I want to try.



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Mens Bulges Up Close and Personal

A lot of the mens bulges that I have seen in my life have been extraordinary to say the least, but I always feel like something is missing. I’m not exactly sure what it is that I keep expecting to see from these bulges as I’m just not as happy with them once they are in front of me. I keep finding more and more sites to look at except they all appear to be the same to me for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am simply looking at pictures on a website rather than looking at them in person.

I have often wondered if seeing these mens bulges in person would be different. So far, though, mine is the only one I have looked at. I’ve taken some photos of my bulge from different angles to see if I could match the photos I have seen online and that never seems to work. I would love to be able to find a few guys that would be willing to allow me to take pictures of them. However, don’t know anyone that would do that. I have thought about posting online but you never really know who you might attract that way.


I will continue to search out the best mens bulges I can find online until I am able to find someone that will let me take pictures of them. I know it will probably end up being a long wait but it’s something I am willing to endure. Once I do find that special person that will let me snap photos of his bulge, I will make sure that they are tasteful and artistic. |At least as much as I possibly can with all the excitement that I would be feeling at that moment.


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Mens Bulges on Display

Sitting out
on the beach one day I noticed that a lot of guys are wearing new swimwear that
shows off their impressive mens bulges. Over all the years that I have visited
that particular beach I never really paid much attention to the swimwear that
guys were wearing. I think it was mainly because every guy I saw out there had
some kind of swimming trunks on and none of those designs are all that tight
fitting. But the new swimwear that is being worn is definitely form fitting on
every guy that wears them and they are showing off a lot more in turn.

I don’t mind
seeing mens bulges being displayed on the beach. In fact, I find it rather
interesting that guys are wearing these designs. I do think that there is a
limit to the designs that should be allowed to be worn out in public, though.
I’m not saying we have to ban them all, but some of the ones I saw were walking
a very thin line and we do have to be careful when it comes to families out
enjoying a day at the beach.

Overall, I
find that seeing mens bulges being displayed by new swimwear designs is a good
thing. While there are a lot of people that probably still think it’s wrong for
women to be wearing pants, I find that new swimwear designs that show off a
bulge is needed for the moral evolution of society. I probably won’t be wearing
some of those designs because of my age and body shape, but it’s nice to see
younger men out there showing off their bodies. Now, if I could just get some
women to wear some designs that show off more of their bodies, I think the
world would come back into balance yet again.


My Fascination with Mens Bulges

My Fascination with Mens Bulges

I am totally fascinated with mens bulges. Now, I
know that makes me sound totally gay but, strangely enough, I’m completely
straight. It’s just something about those bulges especially in tight jeans or a
micro swimsuit. They show up so hot and sexy as the guys strut their stuff and
I just love staring. In my mind, I try to imagine exactly what sort of package
these men have underneath those jeans or tiny swimsuits.

Now, talking about tiny swimsuits, I love to see men
wearing those pouch swimsuits. Those things leave practically nothing to the
imagination. I mean, I can take a good long look at mens bulges in those
garments and pretty much know what’s being hidden under them. After all, these
pouches are only minimal amounts of various materials that are sewn in such a
way that they can be tied or zipped around a man’s package. All you have to do
is look really hard and you’ll have an excellent idea of what just might be
under there.

Something else that I love to do in addition to
staring at these sexy bulges is to take discreet pictures of them. Then I can
go home, print out the pictures and look at them all I want. I probably
shouldn’t admit this but I actually have a scrapbook where I keep the best
shots of mens bulges that I’ve captured on film. I love pulling this scrap book
out late at night when I’m alone so that I can drool over these sexy shots.
I’ve shared these photos with a couple of really close friends of mine that
like to look at bulges, too, and they tell me that I’ve got the best collection
of them that they’ve ever seen. Now, they might just be trying to make me feel
good, but I’m kind of proud of these pictures, too.

Mens Bulges in Person

Mens Bulges in Person

I have found
that staring at mens bulges out in public is usually not a very good activity
to engage in. Most men don’t appreciate it when another guy is standing there
staring at their crotch. Some guys will enjoy it, but those men are few and far
between most of the time. Even trying your best to hide the fact that you are
looking at another guys bulge has its limits when you are standing too close to
each other. But I am so tired of looking through pictures online that I need to
see some real bulges up close and in person before I lose my mind.

I have
noticed that wearing certain kinds of sun glasses has allowed me the chance to
enjoy mens bulges more often. But when its dark out or I’m in a place where I
shouldn’t be wearing sun glasses, then that starts to become a bit difficult to
pull off. Sadly, the only way I can get by with staring at guys in this manner
is in a gay bar most of the time. All I want to do is look at the bulges,
though, and I’m not interested in hooking up with anyone or anything like that.

There are a
lot of pictures online of mens bulges, but who wants to spend all of their time
looking at a computer monitor when they could be outside enjoying their life. I
would much rather be caught looking at another guy than having to sit inside my
bedroom on the computer while all my friends are out having fun. I do tend to
get found out quite often and that means I need to come up with on the spot
lies about what I am looking at or simply run away as fast as I possibly can.
To be honest, I am not very happy with either of those options.



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Staring at Mens Bulges

Staring at Mens Bulges

I love
looking at mens bulges whenever I go out in public. Granted, most of the men
that I am looking at would prefer that I didn’t, but I just can’t seem to stop
myself. I find that I am constantly trying to guess the size of a guy’s cock no
matter what they are wearing, and being able to get a good look at someone’s
bulge usually helps make my prediction right. Obviously, I don’t usually get
the chance to find out if I’m right or not, but there have been times when the
guy actually showed me I was right.




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Going out on
the beach and seeing mens bulges is a lot easier since they are wearing
swimwear. I find that their bulges tend to stick out a lot more than a guy
wearing khakis at work does. Although there are a few pairs of pants that will
show off a bulge fairly well and to the point that I can pretty much guess the
size of his cock. If I could only convince the guys in my office to show me if
I am right about the size of their cocks, I would probably stop staring at them
as much as I do.

I don’t
recommend going around and staring at mens bulges unless those men are wearing
something specifically designed to show off their cocks. Most guys will feel
offended by having someone staring at their crotch and I have been attacked on
more than one occasion by simply looking at them. There are times when you can
get away with it, though, and wearing sunglasses always helps in hiding what
you are looking at. Of course when it comes to wearing sunglasses, you aren’t
going to be getting the best possible visual of what you want to, so keep that
in mind.


Mens Bulges Sightings

Mens Bulges

Mens Bulges Sightings

Most of the
mens bulges that I see around my area are of the small variety it seems.
Occasionally, I get to feast my eyes on something a bit bigger but those are
few and far between. I guess that isn’t such a bad thing, though, as I view it
almost like a special treat for me when I do come across one that is larger. Of
course, I can always look down at my own bulge if I really want to look at a
bigger one, but I can only get one view point of it that way.

I went out
the other day and came across a whole group of mens bulges that were above
average size and thought I had lost my mind. There must have been around six
guys in that group that had cocks bigger than me and their bulges definitely
showed that fact. I was amazed that they were able to find pouch swimwear that
actually fit their bulges, and even more amazed that they were freely walking
around on the beach by my house. I am sure they were here on vacation and
weren’t actually living in the area, though, as those kinds of bulges are hard
to come by around here.


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Things to Consider When Showing off Mens Bulges


Things to Consider When Showing off Mens Bulges

When it
comes to showing off mens bulges like a boss, guys all around the world are
choosing items like pouch swimwear. This type of swimwear takes your bulge and
puts it right out there for everyone to enjoy looking at while making you look
so sexy that both men and women will faint as soon as they see you walking
toward them. Okay, they may not actually faint, but they will be thinking about
how sexy you look in that new swimwear you just purchased and decided to wear
out for the day.

Cock shaped mens bulges are outstanding eye candy by

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It doesn’t
matter what anyone else thinks about mens bulges being shown in public, as long
as you enjoy showing yours off, then you are doing the world a favor. You might
want to check with your partner to see if they mind having everyone’s eyes on
your bulge, though. If you do have a partner and they are of the jealous type,
then they probably won’t care too much about the amount of attention you are
going to end up getting. In fact, there is a good chance that no one will be
paying any attention to them as long as you and your bulge are close by so keep
that in mind.


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Mens Bulges of the Present

Mens Bulges of the Present

One thing
that I tend to notice when I am out on the beach are all the mens bulges that
are being shown off these days. I remember back when showing things like that
off in public was actually frowned upon by the modest population. But these
days, you can’t turn your head without staring at another bulge in tight
swimwear. I kind of wish that it wasn’t frowned upon back in the day because
it’s actually nice to see young men walking around like that. It makes you
wonder why the male body hasn’t gotten more attention in the past really.

I love mens
bulges to the point that I actually went out and bought some of those pouch
swimsuits to show mine off with. Granted, I am an older man and most of the
people probably don’t want to see my wrinkly balls flapping around in a pouch
this sexy, but no one told me that I couldn’t wear it. I love seeing people
notice me wearing my new swimwear and smile with a gentle nod in my direction
telling me they like what they see. I just wish they would have had things like
this when I was younger so that I could have shown off my body when it was in
its prime.


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Show Off Your Mens Bulges with Pouch Swimwear

Show Off Your Mens Bulges with Pouch Swimwear

When it
comes to having perfect mens bulges, guys all over the world are starting to
see the benefits of wearing pouch based swimwear. Not only are you showing the
world what your bulge looks like, but you are wearing something that is more
comfortable than any silk boxers or briefs you have ever experienced in the
past. It takes a very special type of guy to realize that showing people his
bulge makes him look even sexier, and these pouch based swimwear options are
going to be the easiest way for you to do just that.

I have seen
plenty of mens bulges in my life to tell when a guy is wearing a pouch under
his pants and when he isn’t. Once you start wearing a pouch, you will be able
to notice this aspect as well, and you will never attempt to wear any other
items under your pants except a pouch. This may not seem like something that
excites you right now, but wear a pouch for a few hours and you will completely
understand the reason why so many guys are showing their bulges off in this
manner. You will also understand why guys that wear pouches won’t wear anything
else if they have a choice in the matter.

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