Mens Bulges Up Close and Personal

A lot of the mens bulges that I have seen in my life have been extraordinary to say the least, but I always feel like something is missing. I’m not exactly sure what it is that I keep expecting to see from these bulges as I’m just not as happy with them once they are in front of me. I keep finding more and more sites to look at except they all appear to be the same to me for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am simply looking at pictures on a website rather than looking at them in person.

I have often wondered if seeing these mens bulges in person would be different. So far, though, mine is the only one I have looked at. I’ve taken some photos of my bulge from different angles to see if I could match the photos I have seen online and that never seems to work. I would love to be able to find a few guys that would be willing to allow me to take pictures of them. However, don’t know anyone that would do that. I have thought about posting online but you never really know who you might attract that way.


I will continue to search out the best mens bulges I can find online until I am able to find someone that will let me take pictures of them. I know it will probably end up being a long wait but it’s something I am willing to endure. Once I do find that special person that will let me snap photos of his bulge, I will make sure that they are tasteful and artistic. |At least as much as I possibly can with all the excitement that I would be feeling at that moment.


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Mens Bulges in Person

Mens Bulges in Person

I have found
that staring at mens bulges out in public is usually not a very good activity
to engage in. Most men don’t appreciate it when another guy is standing there
staring at their crotch. Some guys will enjoy it, but those men are few and far
between most of the time. Even trying your best to hide the fact that you are
looking at another guys bulge has its limits when you are standing too close to
each other. But I am so tired of looking through pictures online that I need to
see some real bulges up close and in person before I lose my mind.

I have
noticed that wearing certain kinds of sun glasses has allowed me the chance to
enjoy mens bulges more often. But when its dark out or I’m in a place where I
shouldn’t be wearing sun glasses, then that starts to become a bit difficult to
pull off. Sadly, the only way I can get by with staring at guys in this manner
is in a gay bar most of the time. All I want to do is look at the bulges,
though, and I’m not interested in hooking up with anyone or anything like that.

There are a
lot of pictures online of mens bulges, but who wants to spend all of their time
looking at a computer monitor when they could be outside enjoying their life. I
would much rather be caught looking at another guy than having to sit inside my
bedroom on the computer while all my friends are out having fun. I do tend to
get found out quite often and that means I need to come up with on the spot
lies about what I am looking at or simply run away as fast as I possibly can.
To be honest, I am not very happy with either of those options.



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